10:00 O'Clock Hour

Labyrinth Room
Sunday, September 11, 2022
10:00am - 10:45am

Jeremiah and Isaiah: Prophets of Doom and Light

We welcome Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky for our first two 10:00 O’Clock Hours of the new church year. Labyrinth Room (downstairs) and live streamed. Jeremy has served as rabbi at Ansche Chesed, a Conservative synagogue in Manhattan, since 2001.

The works of these two prophets stand at the apex of the Hebrew Scriptures: powerful poetry and deep spiritual thought. But they come from opposite personalities. Jeremiah is mostly severe rebuke and rage, from a tortured soul. Isaiah is mostly hopeful, rejoicing in the prospect of renewal and peace. September 11: a date of destruction, we read passages from Jeremiah; September 18: we turn to Isaiah. Led by Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky, Ansche Chesed, a Conservative synagogue in Manhattan. As a Jew, Rabbi Kalmanofsky looks forward to studying these Scriptures with Christians — sacred to us both.

Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky

Rabbi at Ansche Chesed, a synagogue in Manhattan, since 2001.

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