Sunday Worship

Sunday, January 29, 2023
11:00am - 12:15pm

Dr. Elise Brown
Luke 8:22-25

Singer/Songwriter/Pianist Ken Medema will be our featured guest performing a 10:40am Mini-Concert in the Sanctuary, special music during Worship, and a “Sing-Back” after Worship. Besides hearing beautiful, inspiring music, experience Ken’s amazing gift of spontaneously composing songs based on personal stories you share in the moment!

Please note, proof of vaccination no longer needed. Wearing masks is now optional. Learn more here.

Ken Medema

Though Ken Medema has been unable to see with his physical eyes, his inner vision and profound music carry a prophetic vision for the world today. Starting his career as a music therapist, in 1973 Ken launched his international performing career, electrifying audiences with his dazzling improvisations, reframing of Biblical stories, and his deeply emotional connection with everyone on their spiritual and human journey. For five decades, he has used music as a vehicle for creating conversation through storytelling and reflection. Today, Medema performs in a wide variety of venues, from local congregations to charity fundraisers, to high school and university campuses, to denominational youth gatherings, to universally televised religious programs, to corporate conventions, to annual assemblies of national organizations.

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