Anti-Racism Resource Guide: Policing & Incarceration

Top Marble Picks:

  • "The Death of George Floyd, In Context" (Jelani Cobb, Article)
  • The End of Policing (Alex S. Vitale, Book)
  • Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color (Andrea Ritchie, Book)
  • “13th" (Ava Duvernay by Netflix, Documentary)
  • "Just Mercy" (Bryan Stevenson, Film)


Mass Incarceration in America, Explained in 22 Maps and Charts
Lopez, German
2016, Vox

In New York, Major Crime Complaints fell when Cops took a break from "Proactive Policing"
Khan, Amina
2017, Los Angeles Times

*Why You Can't Blame Mass Incarceration on the War on Drugs
Lopez, German
2017, Vox

What is Rikers Island?
Schwirtz, Michael
2017, The New York Times

We Know That Prison Doesn't Work. So What are the Alternatives?
Bartle, Jarryd
2019, The Guardian

Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind
Kushner, Rachel
2019, The New York Times

*The Police Can't Solve the Problem. They are the Problem.
Purnell, Derecka, & Marbre Stahly-Butts
2019, The New York Times

More Cops, Is It the Answer to Fighting Crime?
Weichselbaum, Simone, & Wendi C. Thomas
2019, USA Today

The Death of George Floyd, In Context
Cobb, Jelani
2020, The New Yorker

Growing the LAPD was Gospel at City Hall. George Floyd Changed That
Rainey, James, Dakota Smith, & Cindy Chang
2020, Los Angeles Times

1,034 People Have Been Shot and Killed by Police in the Past Year
The Washington Post
2020, The Washington Post

*Black Lives Matter Activism is Working
Yglesias, Matthew
2020, Vox


Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California
Gilmore, Ruth Wilson

*The New Jim Crow
Alexander, Michelle

*Are Prisons Obsolete?
Davis, Angela Y.

*Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption
Stevenson, Bryan

Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter
Camp, Jordan T., & Christina Heatherton

Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color
Ritchie, Andrea

The End of Policing
Vitale, Alex S.

Chokehold: Policing Black Men
Butler, Paul


DuVernay, Ava
2016, Netflix

*Time: The Kalief Browder Story
Carter, Shawn "Jay-Z", Rose Schlossberg, Mark Konkol, & Julia Willoughby-Nason
2017, Netflix


Justice in America
Smith, Clint, & Josie Duffy Rice
2020, The Appeal


Michelle Alexander on the New Jim Crow, at Union Theological Seminary
Alexander, Michelle
2015, YouTube

Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland
Davis, Kate, & David Heilbroner
2015, HBO

A Conversation Between Michelle Alexander & Angela Davis
Davis, Angela, & Michelle Alexander
2017, YouTube

*American Son
Demos-Brown, Christopher, & Kenny Leon
2019, Netflix

When They See Us
DuVernay, Ava, Julian Breece, et al
2019, Netflix

Just Mercy
Stevenson, Bryan, Destin Daniel Cretton, et al

Defund Police: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Says Budgets Wrongly Prioritize Cops Over Schools, Hospitals
Taylor, Keeanga-Yamahtta
2020, Democracy Now!

*Highly Recommended