Arts Ministry

The Arts Ministry seeks to create an environment that encourages and nurtures artists of all kinds to utilize their gifts. By consciously and fully involving artists in every area of Marble life, artists are given a platform to share their art and breathe new spirit into the body of the Church, Christ and the world.

The Asian Experience

Asian Artists and Asian Art

Continuing Marble’s annual celebration of the Asian Art World, 2023’s collection showcases the artistic talents of our young (and young at heart!) aspiring visionaries. For the 1st time, we are displaying digital art alongside the traditional beauty of Asian styles of Calligraphy and Watercolor painting. Demonstrating their talents are both Marble Collegiate members as well as members-to-be. With ages ranging from 8 years to 21+, the future of Marble’s Arts Ministry is very bright indeed! Outside the Labyrinth Room and online thru June 4.

Asian Art Exhibit Creator: Oanfa P.S. Quan

Karla Hendrick, video editor

2022-2023 Theme is “Organize, Simplify and Follow Through

If there is one positive thing that has come out of the pandemic, it’s that many have felt the need to “get ourselves together” as we emerge from being restricted for over two years. “Organize, Simplify and Follow Through” is designed to address the desire of artists to move forward in a more focused way. More than “out with the old, in with the new,” this season is dedicated to mastering how to really let go of things that have bogged us down and embrace that which liberates us to explore new inspirations.

Are you a professional or non-professional performing, fine, or design artist? Now in our 42nd year at Marble, The Arts Ministry is a safe, welcoming, and creative community that provides an inclusive space to gather together to support and recognize one another’s efforts, discuss and resolve issues pertinent to each discipline, be spiritually nurtured, and to create art.

Get Involved

The Fellowship of Professional Artists
This group meets once a month and to address the unique needs of professional artists who are typically more entrepreneurial. Networking, branding, financial matters, goal setting, and marketing will be some of the topics discussed, all within a spiritual framework.

All professional artists are welcome. Please RSVP to Mario Sprouse.

The ARTS Peer Support Group
This is a small group (8 - 12 people) who gather twice a month to do more in-depth artistic and spiritual growth in relation to our art.

The Producers Club
This group meets once a month specifically to help members achieve their immediate professional goals. Much like a goal-setting workshop, the Producers Club will have an accountability factor with the aim of reaching specific professional milestones. Only those who are active professional performing, design, and fine artists can take part in this group.

All artists welcome! Please RSVP to Mario Sprouse.

Arts Ministry Facebook Group
Artists of all kinds are invited to join our Arts Ministry Facebook Group. We have created a closed group that offers a welcoming space to support and recognize one another’s efforts, explore issues pertinent to each discipline, and be spiritually nurtured. To request to join.

The Arts Ministry is an important part of the vibrant life of Marble Collegiate Church. We hope you will join us!

Arts Ministry Exhibit Archive

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Questions & Information

For more information about the Arts Ministry, contact Mario Sprouse, Arts Coordinator, (212) 686-2770 ext. 227, or Karla Hendrick, Part-time Program Coordinator.