Spiritual Education

Marble is known for being a kind and nurturing place to explore and grow in one’s faith. Your questions can be lived into safely, passionately, and in the good company of fellow travelers on their own spiritual journey.

As Jesus said, “Teach them all things.” Our teaching ministry is not just information, but the transformation of the heart, mind, and soul into living more fully into your faith every day.

Whether you’re looking for practical spiritual tools to help you with life’s daily challenges, or inspiration to go deeper on your faith walk, Marble’s Spiritual Education offerings have something for everyone. For those of you who can’t make it in person, our Sunday morning classes are streamed live online and available to enjoy and share again and again through our video archive. All are welcome!

Bible Studies

Many times during the year we take intriguing topics central to our faith and look at them in a different way, through lenses that are biblical, theological, psychological, or practical. Speakers are a mixture of those in the Marble Community and noted outside experts to challenge you and resource you for the Christian journey. Learn more here.

Classes subject to change. Please call to confirm at (212) 686-2770.

Questions & Information

For more information, email Dr. Elise Brown