COVID-19 Relief: Helpful Resources

Helpful resources for our neighbors during these difficult times.

Marble Church Masks

Proudly wear one of our stylish face masks with the Marble Church logo. These cotton masks are re-usable and come with an adjustable sliding ear loop to suit your head size for a more comfortable fit for $9.95, if you buy 5 masks, get 1 free. Choose from the following options:

  • Black Mask with White Marble Logo
  • Black Mask with Full-Color Marble Logo

Help protect others and yourself from COVID-19 by wearing masks, practice social distancing and good hand washing hygiene. We wish you good health!

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The West Side Campaign Against Hunger

Please help us get emergency food to our hungry neighbors!

One of the largest Emergency Food Pantries in New York City. The staff are First Responders at the moment, heroically working around the clock, packing bags of food to distribute and going above and beyond to ensure that WSCAH is a reliable resource for their already vulnerable customers.

WSCAH will need extra financial support to adjust their food and social services distribution model to be safe and available for all. WSCAH is committed to staying open in this crisis and serving their customers who desperately need our help. With the closure of many businesses, we know the number of New Yorkers who need access to healthy food and supportive services such as Food Stamps and Health Insurance will increase exponentially over the coming weeks.

Please support their vital work with a donation or text WSCAH to 56512 to donate.

Housing Plus

Housing Plus is looking for some virtual volunteer needs and are seeking assistance with:

  1. Individual(s) with expertise/experience in filing/understanding unemployment benefits. Many women working hourly jobs have had their hours reduced but have not been laid off. They have a desire to keep their jobs in the long-term, but need assistance now in understanding what they need to provide to file for partial unemployment, and also may need someone to help them.
  2. Individual(s) with expertise/experience in filing/understanding taxes. The recent stimulus package includes checks for households that meet certain criteria, including income. The vast majority, and possibly all, the women we serve will be receiving a check through this stimulus bill, but those who do not have bank accounts set up will not get their check quickly, and that funding may be needed very soon (April bills are due at the beginning of this month). We understand that the IRS has communicated that individuals can file their taxes now with bank account information in order to have this information on file with the government to receive the stimulus funds via direct deposit, which is the quickest way to receive these funds. We need help to determine if our understanding is correct, and then need to provide assistance to our tenants to help them file their taxes and get set up to receive checks via direct deposit if possible.
  3. Individuals who can develop resource lists and fact sheets. We have been inundated with emails about COVID-19 resources for our tenants and need assistance with categorizing and organizing these resources in a timely manner so we can share this useful information with our tenants. We thought about creating a separate email account for this purpose, and having staff forward resource emails to this account, and then having a volunteer review, categorize, and organize the information in easily shareable formats so we can be as responsive and helpful as possible to our tenants.
  4. Teacher/tutor support. We may need the expertise of a teacher or similar to help with tutoring school age children currently doing remote learning. As with many of us, our parents are feeling very overwhelmed and in some cases, not equipped to help their children with remote learning. To keep them on track, we'd like to make zoom tutors available to help with schoolwork.

We are still understanding the needs of women, but if we had volunteers available in the above capacities, it would give us a better sense of how we can help them during this time.

For more information, or to volunteer your time, please contact, Trena Banks.

Free Meals: NYC Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education is committed to making three free meals available daily for any New Yorker. Any New Yorker who wants one can get three free meals a day at more than 400 Meal Hubs across the city. Learn more

Food Pantry Locations & Hours in Brooklyn & Queens

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens is ensuring our struggling neighbors receive the help that they need. View the Food Pantry Locations PDF.

Remote Learning/Education Resources during COVID19

View the Remote Learning/Education Resources PDF.

Resources for Food Access during COVID19

View the Resources for Food Access PDF.

Financial and Utility Support

View the Financial and Utility Support PDF.

Episcopal Actors' Guild

The mission of the Episcopal Actors' Guild is to provide emergency aid and support to professional performers of all faiths who are undergoing financial crisis. We are also dedicated to helping emerging artists advance their careers through scholarships, awards, and performance opportunities.

Other Ways You Can Help during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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