Funerals & Memorials

When those dear to us pass on, we experience sorrow at their loss, however, we also celebrate the life they lived and our Faith helps us believe that death is not the end.

At Marble, our ministers and staff would like to offer as much support to you as possible in making arrangements to honor the memory of your loved ones. If you have questions and concerns regarding coping with your loved one’s death and making arrangements for a memorial or funeral, or purchasing a Columbarium niche, please contact Judy Tulin, (212) 686-2770.

The Columbarium

A Columbarium is a collection of niches designed to house urns containing a deceased’s cremated remains.

  • Marble’s Columbarium has 405 niches covered with Botticini classic marble and is located in our landmarked building. The Columbarium, joined by the Chapel and Labyrinth Room, is one of three sacred spaces on our Concourse Level.

For details on other estate planning needs, including information on making a Will, planned giving, durable power of attorney, healthcare directives or, to receive a copy of Planning Your Legacy: A Christian Guide to Planning Your Will & Trust.

Upcoming Memorial Services

View the full schedule of upcoming memorial services here. For questions, contact Judy Tulin, (212) 686-2770.

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