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Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking to Honor Keyon Dooling, former NBA Star and Mental Health Champion

Awards Gala on April 30 celebrates mental and spiritual health; raises funds that are crucial to Blanton-Peale’s promise to turn no one away due to an inability to pay for mental health care.

New York, April 17, 2019 -- Members of New York City’s philanthropic, faith-based, business, and health care services communities will join forces on April 30 at the annual Norman Vincent Peale Awards for Positive Thinking gala to celebrate “Mental and Spiritual Health: A Brilliant History, a Bold and Positive Future.”

The gala event – hosted by Blanton Peale Institute and Counseling Center – at the Yale Club of New York City will focus on Blanton-Peale’s mission to destigmatize mental health challenges and to provide affordable, holistic mental health care to people representing the full diversity of New York City. The gala will honor outstanding individuals who reflect that mission and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s groundbreaking work at the intersection of mental and spiritual health.

This year’s Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking will be presented to Keyon Dooling, 38, a former star guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Mr. Dooling attended the University of Missouri before joining the NBA for a 12-year professional basketball career with several teams including The Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, New Jersey Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and Memphis Grizzlies. Mr. Dooling retired in 2013 and is currently the Player Wellness Counselor for the NBPA, the NBA players union.

Dr. Shari Brink, President, and CEO of Blanton-Peale said, “Keyon has a powerful story that needs to be heard, and his own unique perspective on the importance of addressing mental health challenges, alongside calling out to God, resonated with us immediately. It's why Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Smiley Blanton co-founded the Blanton-Peale Institute in the 1930s.”

In an article published last year by The Player Tribune, Mr. Dooling wrote, “If you are hurting, get some help. I’ll say it again. If you are hurting get some help. You can call out to God. But your second call should be the doctor.”

Michele Roberts, Executive Director of the NBPA, said, “Keyon is the embodiment of positive thinking - the adversity he faced earlier on in life fuels his commitment to be of service to others. As our Player Wellness Counselor, he is an invaluable resource for our members. We are proud to have Keyon on our team and salute him as he accepts this award.”

The 2019 Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking will also be presented to Andy Lee, Chief Mindfulness Officer, and Cheryl Jones, Director of Mindfulness at Aetna, a CVS Health Company, for their work to integrate mindfulness into corporate culture; and to Dr. Andrew S. Kim, President, Asian New Life Foundation for helping immigrant patients navigate our complex healthcare system.

About the Blanton-Peale Institute & Counseling Center
Blanton-Peale Institute and Counseling Center provides affordable, holistic mental health care to people representing the full diversity of New York City. It amplifies this impact by training mental health professionals, leaders, and other caring people with the tools of psychology, mental health, and spirituality.

Blanton-Peale, founded in 1937 by internationally renowned Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking and minister at New York City’s Marble Collegiate Church, and the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Smiley Blanton who had trained in psychoanalysis in Vienna with Sigmund Freud. In order to help individuals flourish and make the world a healthier place, Blanton-Peale:

  • Operates a fully NY State licensed mental health clinic, offering affordable psychotherapy and counseling in midtown Manhattan to a wide and diverse cross-section of the people of New York City.
  • Offers licensure and non-licensure training programs that incorporate a lively dialogue between psychology and spirituality in a manner that is non-sectarian and open to multiple faith traditions.
  • Offers a range of courses, programs, and events for those seeking to enhance their capacity to respond with care and empathy in their day-to-day or professional life.

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