Marble Stands with the Asian American/Pacific Islander Community

Marble expresses solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islanders who have been victims of harassment and violence. In the last year members of our Marble Community have been victims of such violence. We believe it is God’s call on our lives to stand with our brothers and sisters and we invite you to join us in this commitment. Below our resources to help learn more and to take action.

Two Ways to Support/Take Action with the AAPI Community

Donate/Support these organizations

Asian American Federation

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Learn about the Asian Experience and Help Prevent Hate Crimes

PBS Series – Asian Americans
The history of identity, contributions, and challenges experienced by Asian Americans. &

Bystander Intervention Training
Hollaback! provides trainings on how to do your part to protect your neighbors and co-workers when bias and harassment collide in front of you.

Rev. Rashad McPherson with Marble Church

These songs were recorded to show our solidarity with the Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.