Pop Up Gallery - Online
August 16, 2020
  • Celebrating Hope Through Marble’s Easter Offering
    Celebrating Hope Through Marble's Easter Offering - Online: May 16, 2021
    To celebrate our collective gifts to the Easter Offering join us for a fun variety show with Marble congregants, staff and friends: Celebrating Hope through Marble's Easter Of...
  • My Journey: A Conversation with Brenda Braxton
    “My Journey” A Conversation with Brenda Braxton ONLINE - Arts Ministry: March 22, 2021
    Celebrating Women's Month, The Theatre Upstairs - downstairs @ marble and Marble's Women's Ministry present "My Journey - a conversation with Brenda Braxton." Tony-nominated B...
  • Interfaith COVID-19 Memorial: March 14, 2021
    Interfaith COVID-19 Memorial Service - Online: March 14, 2021
    Join us as we mark the one year anniversary of the first death from COVID-19 in New York. Dr. Michael Bos welcomes guests from the Hillside Islamic Center, Ansche Chesed, and...
  • Hear Marble Stories
    Hear Marble Stories: February 1, 2021
    Hear stories about Marble Collegiate Church and its effect on people's lives.
  • PrimeTime with Rev. Chad Tanaka Pack
    PrimeTime (55+) - Online: January 13, 2021
    Featuring special guest Rev. Chad Tanaka Pack. Gather with this energetic group via video chat or phone to visit with your friends, meet new people and hear meaningful and in...
  • Operation Santa Letters
    Operation Santa Letters - Online: December 6, 2020
    Christmas isn't cancelled and Santa needs your help. Join us online after Worship for this time of fellowship and a chance to help others. Let's make sure everyone has a Merry...